Quick GIF – The “Crawling” Part!

This little gif demonstrates, in hilarious superfasttime™, a simple out-of-combat interaction with some of StarCrawler’s nefarious bad guys, Crabby and Plop.  Backstage, we call this Explore Mode, and we’re building in a variety of behaviours and abilities to ensure that crawling the halls of a starship is just as rich an experience as blowing things up in combat mode.

In this scenario, the Hacker on your crew might scramble Crabby, tricking him into crushing that poor Plop.  Alternately, your Ninja might pop a smokebomb and get the whole team out before the bots know what happened!  If you’re less lucky, that Plop there might start squealing, drawing other bots closer with every wasted moment!  Squish him quick!

Wires, normals, textures and interactive enviroments!

Super talented artist Tony turns simple geometry into tasty art!

A quick gif of assets in Unity created by our environment and prop artist Tony showing his workflow. These bits are added to both our set piece and procedurally generated rooms to break them up and add flavor! Fun fact: lots of environment pieces in StarCrawlers are going to be interactive – from poking around in vents to pushing unlabeled buttons, we’re working to make the dead hulks of starliners feel lively! ( you really shouldn’t push the large red buttons )

The Mall at the End of the Universe

Work is proceeding at a furious pace here at Juggernaut, and we’re very close to some big reveals! To whet your appetite, take a moment to check out of one of our newest environments – The Mall (name not final) . As your team of Crawlers completes missions and explores deeper into the Colony ship, The Mall will be your hub away from the station. As a main entrance point to the ship, you’ll be visiting regularly whenever you need to head back to resupply, turn in missions, or unload your loot. Though it’s already been picked over fairly clean by other Crawler teams, rumors still abound of a hidden cache of Mama Testa’s famous Space Tacos – the black market value of even one sample could set a Crawler up for life.

TheMallComing Soon : The brands you love and trust.

A glimpse into our Character Pipeline…

Hello fellow crawlers!  This is Jason (handle “furiouscabbage” for those on twitter and elsewhere). I hope that these dev diaries are helping to provide some insight into our day-to-day work here at Juggernaut on StarCrawlers, and that this post is no exception.

My role on our team is to take our gorgeous 2D characters, and bring them to life in the game.  After all, fighting static images doesn’t make for a lot of fun!  StarCrawlers is somewhat unique from previous work by Juggernaut in the past, in that our characters are all two-dimensional, while the backgrounds are in 3D.  Baffled?  Confused?  Fear not, as I hope to explain!

Meet ChargeBot.  He's into holding hands on the beach, helping out his buddies, and electrocuting you.

Meet ChargeBot. He’s into holding hands on the beach, helping out his buddies, and electrocuting you.

I begin by taking our 2D characters (broken up into separate pieces like a paper doll or bit of flash animation) and “projecting” them onto three-dimensional pieces of geometry.

Now, why work with 2D characters?  Why not model them all in 3D like many other games?  Well, that’s for a number of reasons.  First, we’re aiming for a bit of a nostalgic feel with StarCrawlers, evoking first-person dungeon-crawling games from the past, which all consisted of two-dimensional sprites projected in a 3D environment.  Additionally, StarCrawlers is being built to be as fast and efficient as possible in order to be played on multiple platforms.  Third, making characters in this manner is much faster than building an entire model in 3D, even if you’re only going to be viewing it from the first-person perspective.

StarCrawlers is like this, but without a battleaxe.... maybe.

StarCrawlers is like this, but without a battleaxe…. maybe.

Well, this is a very cursory glance at our character pipeline for StarCrawlers.  Hope it’s given you all an idea of where we’re headed as far as characters go. Stay tuned for more details.

Maybe even… some animation!

It's aliiiiiive!