Quick GIF – The “Crawling” Part!

This little gif demonstrates, in hilarious superfasttime™, a simple out-of-combat interaction with some of StarCrawler’s nefarious bad guys, Crabby and Plop.  Backstage, we call this Explore Mode, and we’re building in a variety of behaviours and abilities to ensure that crawling the halls of a starship is just as rich an experience as blowing things up in combat mode.

In this scenario, the Hacker on your crew might scramble Crabby, tricking him into crushing that poor Plop.  Alternately, your Ninja might pop a smokebomb and get the whole team out before the bots know what happened!  If you’re less lucky, that Plop there might start squealing, drawing other bots closer with every wasted moment!  Squish him quick!


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