Titan Industrial Mining Facility

Development Diary #2

Hey guys and gals, Tony here for another exciting Devblog! Today I’m going to talk about some of the steps I take to bring Asa’s concept art to in game 3d glory.

Titan Industrial Mining Facility

Titan Industrial Mining Facility

Every tile set starts with a style guide. Asa will compile sketches he’s done along with various images to give me a better understanding of what the overall look and feel will be like for the area I will be focusing on. From there we get together and decide what can get done to make an environment feel close to what was envisioned in a reasonable amount of time.
cave props2
3d creation begins! I start off by making modular environment pieces, walls, floors, and ceilings that can be snapped together to create a wide variety of rooms. It’s sort of like our own little Lego sets, all themed to work together or even with other sets. Below is just a quick example of the pieces created to make up the bulk of our cave environment. The number of pieces that make up an environment is never the same, so a lot of communication happens between me and Rocky to make sure he has the pieces he needs to come up with some pretty great and unique spaces.

After getting a good amount of environment pieces done I put together a little scene together in my Unity project to continue helping me get the overall feel of the assets to come. (You’ve probably seen these in the “What we’re up to” thread.) This space that I create is extremely helpful, it gives me all sorts of ideas for additional assets as well as make sure the models continue to fit thematically.
Prop modeling begins, usually with just a bunch of basic shapes stuck together, helping me get sense of scale and overall shape. I then begin to refine the shapes, always keeping in mind what I want to be modeled detail and what I can do with the texture later on. After the model is set and approved, I unwrap the model, and start texture work.

As the color map is made, a normal map and specular map are created to fake a bit of depth and give it the appropriate material definition. The model is now complete and ready be put in the game. Final steps then include importing the completed model with the appropriate shaders, animations, or effects.
Cape Prop Models
This has been just a tiny section of insight into what I do day to day here at Juggernaut! I’m always around if there are any questions. Stay tuned for more Screenshot Saturdays! Take care!


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