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Early Access now on Steam

StarCrawlers is now available on Steam Early Access and GOG InDev! A HUGE thanks to our Kickstarter Backers and everyone who voted on Greenlight, we can’t wait for you to play StarCrawlers. I can’t buy the game right now, is there any other way to help out? There are lots of ways you can lend […]

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IndieGames Live Interview

StarCrawlers   GameTrailers just posted a great preview of StarCrawlers from our interview with them at IndieGamesLive. The video shows off alpha gameplay footage as well as small glimpse of our recent UI improvements.

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Weekly Livestreams

We’re doing a weekly development livestream on the Indie Megabooth Twitch channel! We will be streaming every Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. PST (Check here to see what time that is for you).   This week we’ll be touching on our procedural environment setup as well as art for our weapon system.

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Titan Industrial Mining Facility

Development Diary #2

Hey guys and gals, Tony here for another exciting Devblog! Today I’m going to talk about some of the steps I take to bring Asa’s concept art to in game 3d glory. Every tile set starts with a style guide. Asa will compile sketches he’s done along with various images to give me a better […]

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high class1

Visual Design and Concept Art

Hi everyone, this is Asa. Today on the Devblog I’m going to talk a little about the design choices in StarCrawlers and how we go about concepting ideas for our 3-D environments. The visual design for StarCrawlers is a fusion of two distinct ideas. The first is the exploration of a worn and aging future made […]

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Pre-Orders Now Available

We are now accepting pre-orders for StarCrawlers with the help of the Humble Store! Please visit our store page to find Full Release and Early Access pre-order options.

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The StarCrawlers Kickstarter is live!

Let’s make StarCrawlers happen! Please check out the page and spread the word! We’ve got pledge tiers for everything from early access to item / enemy / mission design rewards!

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Vote for us on Steam Greenlight!

Please check out our Steam Greenlight page, vote and let us know you want to see StarCrawlers on Steam!

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Quick GIF – The “Crawling” Part!

This little gif demonstrates, in hilarious superfasttime™, a simple out-of-combat interaction with some of StarCrawler’s nefarious bad guys, Crabby and Plop.  Backstage, we call this Explore Mode, and we’re building in a variety of behaviours and abilities to ensure that crawling the halls of a starship is just as rich an experience as blowing things […]

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StarCrawlers Explore & Combat Mode Pre-Alpha video

Hey George here from Juggernaut Games! We’ve put together a short video of uncut footage from our Pre-Alpha build of StarCrawlers to share some details on what it’s like to play in Explore and Combat modes. Time stamps correspond to the video above – let’s go!

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