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Wires, normals, textures and interactive enviroments!

Super talented artist Tony turns simple geometry into tasty art! A quick gif of assets in Unity created by our environment and prop artist Tony showing his workflow. These bits are added to both our set piece and procedurally generated rooms to break them up and add flavor! Fun fact: lots of environment pieces in […]

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Vine of StarCrawlers dev!

Our industrious animator is vining everything in sight to chronicle the StarCrawlers development quest!  

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The Mall at the End of the Universe

Work is proceeding at a furious pace here at Juggernaut, and we’re very close to some big reveals! To whet your appetite, take a moment to check out of one of our newest environments – The Mall (name not final) . As your team of Crawlers completes missions and explores deeper into the Colony ship, […]

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A glimpse into our Character Pipeline…

Hello fellow crawlers!  This is Jason (handle “furiouscabbage” for those on twitter and elsewhere). I hope that these dev diaries are helping to provide some insight into our day-to-day work here at Juggernaut on StarCrawlers, and that this post is no exception. My role on our team is to take our gorgeous 2D characters, and […]

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Random Loot / Dungeons / Events

Hello galaxy! Today we’re going to briefly highlight a few of the features of StarCrawlers designed to keep the gameplay fresh and interesting across multiple sessions and playthroughs. Let’s go!  You’re basically a glorified space pirate and what do pirates like more than loot? Well, booty. But for the sake of argument, let’s say loot! […]

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Introducing StarCrawlers

Hello and welcome to the StarCrawlers development blog – all about the development of our new scifi dungeon crawling game! We’ll be talking a lot more about the game (and the development process) in upcoming weeks, but for starters let’s talk about what StarCrawlers is and where it’s coming from! SciFi Dungeon Crawl eh? That’s […]

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